Madchen Ohne Manner (1975, Full Movie, German, Dvd Rip)

  • 72 min

Description: rita, elsa and ursula share a room in an all girls boarding school located in a beautiful villa. their favorite and seemingly only class is sexual education taught by fraulein steif, retro, schools, european, germans, retro sex, ripping, sexual education, full, movie, movie full, ripped, 1975, lesbian hairy, german lesbian, school sex, sex full, rip movie, german full movie, german hardcore, german vintage full movie, retro full movie, retro hairy lesbians, vintage full movies, vintage school sex, hairy lesbians, lesbian hardcore, sexs, lesbian sexs, sexuall

Starring: Rita Waldenberg, Martina Domingo, Esther Moser, Sandra Nova

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